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  1. Assess: Repeat initial assessment, vitals, focused assessment (if called for), check your interventions and note any trends in the patient's condition.
  2. Intervene: At any point, when the need for intervention arises (such as a newfound complaint / injury, an equipment failure, or problems with ABCs), act to manage the situation.
  3. Reassess: every 5 minutes for unstable patients, and 15 minutes for stable patients.

What to assess:

  1. Repeat initial assessment.
  2. Retake vital signs.
    • Breathing, pulse, skin, pupils, blood pressure, Puls-ox.
  3. Focused trauma / medical assessment should be performed any time you find new complaints and injuries.
  4. Check interventions.
    • Are the interventions helping the patient?
    • Equipment working properly?
    • ABCs effectively managed?
  5. Note Trends
    • Is the patient getting better or worse?
    • Are your interventions helping?
    • Document trends in the patient's condition and your interventions.