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Lesson 3-1 Scene Size-Up

Enhance the EMT-Basic's ability to evaluate a scene for potential hazards, determine by the number of patients if additional help is necessary, and evaluate mechanism of injury or nature of illness. This lesson draws on the knowledge of Lesson 1-2.

Lesson 3-2 Initial Assessment

Provides the knowledge and skills to properly perform the initial assessment. In this session, the student will learn about forming a general impression, determining responsiveness, assessment of the airway, breathing and circulation. Students will also discuss how to determine priorities of patient care.

Lesson 3-3 Focused History and Physical Exam - Trauma Patients

Describes and demonstrates the method of assessing patients' traumatic injuries. A rapid approach to the trauma patient will be the focus of this lesson.

Lesson 3-4 Focused History and Physical Exam - Medical Patients

Describes and demonstrates the method of assessing patients with medical complaints or signs and symptoms. This lesson will also serve as an introduction to the care of the medical patient.

Lesson 3-5 Detailed Physical Exam

Teaches the knowledge and skills required to continue the assessment and treatment of the patient.

Lesson 3-6 On-Going Assessment

Stresses the importance of trending, recording changes in the patient's condition, and reassessment of interventions to assure appropriate care.

Lesson 3-7 Communications

Discusses the components of a communication system, radio communications, communication with medical direction, verbal communication, interpersonal communication, and quality improvement.

Lesson 3-8 Documentation

Assists the EMT-Basic in understanding the components of the written report, special considerations regarding patient refusal, the legal implications of the report, and special reporting situations. Reports are an important aspect of prehospital care. This skill will be integrated into all student practices.

Lesson 3-9 Practical Skills Lab: Patient Assessment

Integrates the knowledge and skills learned thus far to assure that the student has the knowledge and skills of assessment necessary to continue with the management of patients with medical complaints and traumatic injuries.

Lesson 3-10 Evaluation: Patient Assessment Module

Conduct written and skills evaluation to determine the student's level of achievement of the cognitive, psychomotor and affective objectives from this module of instruction.

EMT lesson plans are taken from the national registry.