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Lesson 7-1 Ambulance Operations

Presents an overview of the knowledge needed to function in the prehospital environment. Topics covered include responding to a call, emergency vehicle operations, transferring patients, and the phases of an ambulance call.

Lesson 7-2 Gaining Access

Provides the EMT-Basic student with an overview of rescue operations. Topics covered include roles and responsibilities at a crash scene, equipment, gaining access, and removing the patient.

Lesson 7-3 Overviews

Provides the EMT-Basic student with information on hazardous materials, incident management systems, mass casualty situations, and basic triage.

Lesson 7-4 Evaluation: Operations

Conduct a written and skills evaluation will be done to determine the student's level of achievement of the cognitive, psychomotor and affective objectives from this module of instruction.

EMT lesson plans are taken from the national registry.